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This edition of Sedimenta explores artistic practices and what it means to belong to both geologic and human times scales in the south and southwest desert border regions in North America.

Each interview, review, essay, and translation are case studies in different forms and flow through the circumstances under which colonialism, capitalist economics, and petrol-imperialism occupy twenty-first century artistic practices.

This explains Sedimenta’s online existence. There would be nothing to present if not for the hundreds of hours researching, writing, editing, and translating the therein housed essays, interviews, and exhibition and book reviews.

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Under construction: drafts and edits.

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The Nevada Museum of Art’s exhibition Unsettled provides us with a new grammar called the Greater West, which invites artists to take back the frontier narrative from colonizing currents.

The process of composition is part a feedback loop and part system of accretion. Through artistic and historical intervention, the information therefrom metonymically expands into discursive and visual knowledge.

Ericka Flórez and Juan Francisco Maldonaldo create spaces that transform themselves from objects to territories.

Like a rock layer forcing destratification of older layers, the Intercalations series de-centers the human in discursive, museum, and ecological networks, allays the historical power of colonial science and ideology, and sets the foundation for sylvan knowledge potentials.

Sedimenta‘s editor-in-chief Lily Brewer interviews Hayeur, a Montreal-based landscape photographer and videographer.

The Carnegie Museum of Natural History introduced this exhibit at the ICOM Natural History Conference from the 22 to 25 October 2017. They start with: What the heck is the Anthropocene?

Under construction: draft and edits.




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